Chris Fewtrell Films

The Family Who Lived in a Tree
Rock-a-Bye Baby
An animation based on the probably true story of Betty Kenny who lived with her family in a tree in Shining Cliff Woods, Ambergate, Derbyshire. This was the basis for the nursery rhyme 'Rock-a-Bye Baby'.
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Amy Abseils Avon Gorge
Amy Abseiling Avon Gorge
Amy Line abseils down the Avon Gorge on 12th March 2011
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MG Marcham Road Run
Marcham Road Run
Chesterfield MG Group Marcham Road Run 18th July 2010
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La Ruine Part 2
St Martin restoration
The renovation of a farm, St Martin, near Agen in the South of France by Dick and Ronnie
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The Trial of Pete Brown
Pete Brown Leaves Royal Mail
Retirement party for Pete Brown in 2008 at The Boythorpe pub Chesterfield
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Welsh Steam Train
Welsh Steam Train
A steam train in a valley in North Wales in 1964
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Hovercraft Southsea to Ryde
Hovercraft Southsea to Ryde
An early passenger journey from Southsea to Ryde Isle of Wight in hovercraft SR N6 shot in 1965
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Jill and Chris Graduation
Graduation in 1969
Jill Thomasson (Emms) and Chris Fewtrell at their graduation ceremony in 1969 at Bristol University Royal Fort.
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Fewtrell Aunts Uncles and Cousins 1960s
Fewtres in the 1960s
Members of Fewtrell family on cine film from 1963 to 1971
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Alice in Wonderland
Alice Fewtrell 1971
Alice Fewtrell at circa 10 months with her granny Doris Fewtrell in the Garden at Crescent Road Reading in 1971
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RGS High Wycombe
RGS High Wycombe rugby
A short piece of video from the 1960's of a High Wycombe Royal Grammar School rugby team playing a game
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Muddled Daze Interviews
Muddled Daze Interviewe
Rony Robinson Radio Sheffield interviews Chris Fewtrell in May 2007 - parts one to four
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Karen and Adrian's Wedding
Karen and Adrian in France
The reception following the wedding of Adrian Petersen and Karen Friend in Tourquay on 24th March 2012
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Bristol Balloon Fiesta
Karen and Adrian in France
Over one hundred hot air balloons took off from Ashton Court, Bristol on the morning of 14th August 2011.
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Dick Whittington
Moorside perform Dick Whittington
An audio version of Dick Whittington as written and performed by Moorside writers at Chesterfield Library between 2pm and 4pm on 4th December 2012
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Alton Christmas - A Brief History
Alton Christmas Carols
Did you know that there has been a Christmas Tree in the tiny hamlet of Alton, Derbyshire every year since 1976? - And all because Pauline Adams thought "it would be a nice idea and help to bring the village together". Roger Adams was dispatched to meet with Geoff Brailsford at Honeycroft Farm and the rest, as they say, is history. This video is of Ashover Brass Band performing 'Once in Royal David's City' while the people of Alton sing along in a cow-shed on 19th December 2012.
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Young Thrusters - A Toast by Ian Bell
Young Thrusters Ruby Toast
Original rap/poem by Ian Bell to mark the 40th Anniversary of the Young Thrusters Football Club, performed at the Pump House in Hotwells, Bristol on 25th May 2013.
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Moorside Writers Aladdin 2013
An audio version of Aladdin as written and performed by Moorside Writers at Chesterfield Library between 2pm and 4pm on 3rd December 2013.
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Alton Day 29th June 2014
Alton Day 2014
Richard Felton presents the new bench to Eunice Matthews.
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Jack and the Beanstalk
Moorside Writers Jack and the Beanstalk 2014
An audio version of Jack and the Beanstalk as written and performed by Moorside Writers at Chesterfield Library between 2pm and 4pm on 2nd December 2014.
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'Clowne' by John Smith
'Clowne' by John Smith
John Smith sings 'Clowne' at Coffee Club, Chesterfield Panthers RFC on 11th April 2015.
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Hugo Robinson's 21st Birthday
Hugo Robinson 2015
Ashfield in Suffolk 19th December 2015.
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Goldilocks and the Three Bears - The Trial
'Clowne' by John Smith
An audio version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears - The Trial as written and performed by Moorside Writers at Chesterfield Library between 2pm and 4pm on 1st December 2015.
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Brainer Likes His Wine ....
Dave Brain 2016
Dave Brain wine tasting in the Crispin Inn Ashover 28th June 2016.
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