History of The Young Thrusters

In 1973 the Young Thrusters football team was created from the ruins of the defunct Bristol Royal Infirmary team. It consisted of a few enthusiasts, access to hospital playing fields and a set of all-blue kit. The name 'Young Thrusters' was dreamt up by Chris Fewtrell and Winston Tayler who saw the phrase used in a memo written by the then boss of the BRI and related hospitals where they both worked.

The first game was played on the 23rd May 1973 against Barrow Hospital at Clevedon Rugby Club and was won 3-0.
The team included: Liss (goal), Lawrence M, Robinson, Higgs, Farrer, Fewtrell, Tayler, Adams and Hayley. The scorers were: Fewtrell, Farrer and Adams. The referee came from Clevedon Rugby Club

The philosophy of the team was about having a good time rather than playing beautiful football and it has had a colourful history.

Chris Fewtrell was the first 'manager' (this term may not be entirely appropriate) and he also played for Old Reds Rugby Club between 1970 and 1990. As football recruits from the BRI and other hospitals were difficult to find, an increasing number were recruited from Old Reds, usually in the bar on a Saturday night for a game the following morning.

Over the years dozens of Old Reds have played for the Thrusters some for just one game and others for many years. Mike Lawrence followed Chris as manager and he was succeeded by Alfie Cannock and then Denis Brown.

Young Thrusters Statistics between 23rd May 1973 and 3rd January 1989


Young Thrusters Fixtures 1973 to 1989Fixtures

Young Thrusters Goal Scorers 1973 to 1989Goal Scorers

Young Thrusters Appearances 1973 to 1989Appearances

This is a fairly accurate record of all the games the Thrusters played from their inception in May 1973 until the beginning of 1989. The statistics cover about 150 games listing the opponents, score and who was in the team. You can answer those important questions such as: Who played the most games? Which year was the most successful? Who scored the most goals? Who scored the most goals in a game? Who scored the most hat-tricks? When was the first tour? What was the first international? When did the first female player play? Who was the youngest YoungThruster? Which family had the most players? Results from 1989 are locked in a super-computer nicknamed The Snake and will be published if we can crack the code.

The playing record up to 1987 is reproduced below as it was presented to the AGM at Bells Restaurant, Picton Street Montpelier on the last Friday before Christmas.