Young Thrusters - A Toast

It's forty years that we can recall,

It was Chris and Winston who started it all,

The first game played in 73,

The venue Clevedon RFC.

The team formed from the BRI

And Old Reds rugby Club from nearby.

The players, Mike Lawrence, Pete Sherman, Dave Purnell,

Filthy Feltham, Pete Willis, Keith Bird, Ian Bell,

Ron Greenland, Tootsie Warren, Gareth King,

Barry Jenkins, Topper Stone, could that man sing.

And then from the Dings a man with pride,

It's a man who's a legend, Sammy Stride.

His awards from the G.F.A. were high,

His last one they gave him was sine die.

Then came Geoff Luker with bad reports,

He'd turn up to the games with wrong coloured shorts,

Then we had the boys about town,

Those partners in crime Brainer and Brown.

Alfie Cannock, Charlie Bell, Cherry Hall,

All appeared at The Thrusters Ball,

Alan Williams, Andy Munden, old Dick Friend,

Malcolm Smith, Nigel Short, friends to the end.

So we'll meet up again, drink and be merry,

Some arriving by car and some by ferry.

Lets all wine and dine and sink a few beers,

And all raise a glass to Thrusters forty years.


Ian Bell - May 2013